Certified stock is produced under the inspection of the Israeli
Plant Protection & Inspection Services (PPIS) which is also
approved by the USDA.

All new stock is produced from virus tested cuttings, EE
cuttings and T.C. from certified laboratories or T.C. from our
own meristem bank with SBW, Holland. All varieties are also
tested to be true-to-type.

Our nurseries are maintained under the highest hygiene standards. Sterilization of all non- plant contents in the nurseries are done thoroughly. All production starts with new growing containers and new soil.

New at Jaldety!
AJUGA - Special Quality Certified Stock, Naktuinbouw approved.
Beginning in 2006 Jaldety will offer certified Ajuga cuttings from
the highest level of production from the following varieties: Braun Hertz, Burgundy Glow, Catlin's Giant, Mahogany and Mini Mahogany(Chocolate Chip).